During the epidemic, what are the hot-selling products in the European market and the list of products that have fallen in demand?

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Sales of cameras, ovens, bread machines, and hair clippers have generally increased;

Handbags, wigs, false eyelashes, etc. generally fell.

It has been more than a year since the epidemic broke out in Europe, and they are still shutting down the city, and people's demand for daily necessities is rising rapidly. With the changes in the global epidemic and the adjustment of the epidemic policies of various countries, people's needs for various products are constantly changing.

During the one-year period of the lockdown, which products have the sales soaring and plummeting? Take a look at the statistical results of the PriceSpy website in the United Kingdom.

The PriceSpy website surveyed UK shopping habits over the past year. The survey shows that British shoppers face an average price increase of 21 pounds. The demand for certain industries (such as wedding-related products) has dropped to zero, while the demand for other industries (gardening, home furnishing, games) is very high. Due to insufficient inventory, prices rose naturally.


Skyrocketing products

Since the beginning of the blockade, the camera market has been highly competitive. The way many people keep in touch with their relatives and friends has turned into video, so the penetration rate of cameras has soared by 2065%. Buyers spotted such business opportunities and raised the prices of goods by an average of 18 pounds. Similarly, the popularity of goods such as bakery supplies and bread machines has increased by 179%, which has caused shoppers to pay an average of £32 more than before the lockdown.

In addition, with the closure of public areas such as stadiums, health and fitness equipment has proven to be the biggest winner in popularity over the past year, and has grown in many related categories.

Dumbbells proved to be the most popular commodity. Since the start of the lockdown on March 23, 2020, their penetration rate has increased by 2573%, and the average price has risen by £7.
The treadmill has increased by 1130%.

With the closure of bars and restaurants, the British people decided to move "they" to their homes. In the past year,

Their love of beer increased by 615%, and the average price of the product increased by £43.
The popularity of kitchen cookware sets has increased by 536%.
The popularity of the oven has also increased by 322%, and the price has risen by £67.
The price of alfresco dining products has risen, the popularity of terrace heaters has increased by 3,500%, and the price has risen by 20 pounds.

Regarding personal care products, according to the survey,

The demand for hair clippers has increased by 260%, and the price has risen by £8.
The demand for scented candles and scented sticks achieved a huge increase of 1933%.